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  • Local Time Generator - This tool is a favorite and shows you your local time in MT4, instead of the MT4 time. You can now see your local time, without having to convert various time zones all the time.
  • Binary Price Tool - Binary Options pricing is different than forex pricing. In forex, you have the bid/ask pricing model but in binary options, you have the spot price. This tool shows you the Binary Option Price in MT4, instead of the Bid price.
  • Binary Sessions Tool - Many times, we have to draw vertical lines to visualize a specific time frame on our charts. Maybe you want to see a trading period only between 8am and 3pm. You can do this, in a snap, with Binary Sessions.
  • Water Mark Tool - Sometimes we need to see information on our charts. It helps us keep charts separate and saves us from making trading mistakes. This shows any text on your chart, asset, date, and more. You can also choose your own text.
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  • Correlation Map - Correlation trading is an awesome thing. This tool will show you the correlation between 2 pairs, 3 pairs, 20 pairs, and even indices and metals. This can be used for Stat-Arb Trading or just to get an overview of the market.
  • Trading Barefoot Book - This is the True Life Story of Ryan Herron, founder of Joaquin Trading and TraderBot Marketplace. It details his ups and downs as a struggling trader. You will learn some of his strategies that he used when he was a new trader, struggling to find his place. Share it with anyone.
  • Custom Scale Tool - Maybe you have bad eye sight like Ryan does! If so, then you can scale the size of your price axis and make it large enough to see. You can make the price as large or as small as you want.
  • TraderBot Marketplace MAGNIFY - How often do you have to open 2 charts or scroll back and forth to see what happened on a smaller time frame versus a larger one? No longer do you need to do this. You can see it all on one chart. All you need to do is hover and whammo!
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